There are no rules or laws against claimants representing themselves in a personal injury claim.  However, the risks in serving as your own attorney might be more damaging in the long run. Here are a few reasons why it is always best to have an attorney handle your case:


Insurance Companies

Attorneys know which insurance companies provide specific coverage, and are also able to understand the information provided in their policies.



The process of retrieving evidence should happen as soon as possible after an event. Attorneys are able to get access to surveillance footage, statements, forms, photos and witnesses.  Additionally, acquiring representation may demonstrate to the insurance company that the claim is being taken seriously. Trying independently to get police reports, medical records, and insurance claims information may prove overwhelming to persons recovering from recent injuries.


Time and Dedication

Some claims can take days, months and sometimes even years to resolve.  The investment of time and effort required is more than most people would want to commit to.




Legal terms can sometimes be confusing and a bit intimidating to anyone that isn’t a lawyer or legal professional. Researching the meaning of all the terms that you come across can be even more difficult and time consuming .